Beamz Interactive Music System

Beamz Interactive Music System
Beamz Interactive Music System
Beamz Interactive Music System With Laptop
Beamz Interactive Music System With iDevices
Beamz Interactive Music System
The Future Of Interactive Music
Manufacturer: Beamz

Beamz Interactive Music System

Beamz Interactive Music System is universally designed making it accessible to students of all learning and physical abilities - it's switch and adaptive keyboard accessible too! Beamz' versatility in its application context is unmatched; you can work on cause and effect, directionality, sequencing, fine and gross motor skills, common core subjects and more.

The extensive music library includes songs from all genre types and introduces your learners to instruments and music styles they may never discover independently. Songs are created in such a way that musicians and non-musicians sound great, the first time and every time!

If you’re working in Occupational, Physical, Neurological, Music or Recreation Therapy - even providing in-home services - Beamz is the perfect addition to your equipment. Beamz is being used in homes, schools, rehabilitation centres and hospitals across the country.

Imagine treatment, intervention and maintenance plans that have your patients and clients working toward their functional objectives via music. Everyone knows that music moves the soul, but wait until you see how it moves the body and sharpens the mind!

Includes Beamz laser controller, USB cable, Bluetooth dongle, Windows Player software and 50-song DVD, Virtual DJ software, Beamz Apple Store access to Mac Player and 50-song redemption code and an activity guide.


Beamz is universally designed so that you can provide your patients and clients with as much, or as little, support as they may need to make incremental progress. Lasers triggered by:

  • Physically interrupting the laser beam with any body part or object. Using an adapted keyboard.
  • Attaching an interface and switch. Using a computer or iOS smart device with a touch screen or interactive whiteboard.

Includes Activity Guide

  • Beginning Rhythmic Patterns.
  • Musical Instrument Appreciation.
  • Music Therapy.
  • Introduction to Computers.
  • Exercise and Recreation.
  • Incentivise and Reward.
  • Response to Classical Music.
  • Basics of Reading Music in 4/4 Time.
  • Learning the Scientific Method.
  • Understanding Fact Families.


  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (running iOS 6.0 or later).
  • Mac (running OS 10.8x or later). PC (running Windows 7/8).