Becoming a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a Partner with us please send us an email along with a description of your organization, any web links, and what type of partnership are you interested in pursuing.

Check out our offerings and get in touch with us. If none of these programs fit your needs but you would still like to partner with us, contact us and let us know how we can work together.

    InclusiveTLC Preview Center (IPC)

  • This program has been developed, in association with local and regional AT organizations, to serve as an evaluation and preview site for Inclusive Technology software and other selected hardware. Together we will encourage educational professionals and parents, within your geographical area, to visit your organization, and gain a greater understanding of how our products can be used in a classroom, therapeutic or home setting. All Inclusive Technology software products, and newly released products as they become available, will be maintained at the center.

  • InclusiveTLC Research Partnership (IRP)

  • The purpose of this partnership is to foster independent research that will serve professionals in our industry. We hope that the research will enrich the learning experience of the individuals who use our technology. We will supply your organization with our software on a loan basis free of charge for the purpose of client evaluation, student training, and research development. We would also provide technical knowledge of our products. On-going dialog between each party would facilitate increased knowledge base and product development.

  • Evaluation & Demo Partnership

  • We are offering, to evaluation and demonstration centers, the opportunity to purchase Inclusive software and selected hardware at substantial discounts. We understand the importance of making your budget dollars stretch for demonstration products. We would like to enter into a partnership with your organization to help defray the cost of our products for demonstration/evaluation purposes.

Getting In Touch

Please send your email to:

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