EyeGaze Learning Curve

Eye Gaze Learning Curve
Eye Gaze Learning Curve
Eye Gaze Learning Curve
Eye Gaze Learning Curve
Eye Gaze Learning Curve
Manufacturer: Inclusive Technology

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The Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve provides a progression of skills from Cause and Effect to Communication and Learning, ensuring success and effective teaching whilst gathering data for teachers’ analysis of student’s performance, preferences and progression.

The first ever collection of 54 fun and engaging interactive activities specially created to teach early eye gaze access and develop choice making skills.

This collection takes children on the learning curve from assessment and cause and effect understanding through to using eye gaze for communication, learning and leisure.

Inclusive Eye Gaze can be used by teachers and therapists as an assessment tool to determine visual skills and potential use of eye gaze and as a progressive teaching tool that provides structure and lots of opportunities for practice at each level.

All children on their first steps with eye gaze can use these activities to improve their accuracy and understanding of eye gaze in preparation for using other communication and learning software.

By using relevant vocabulary, pictures and sounds and lots of variety, the activities will also offer many opportunities for children with additional needs to develop early interaction, communication and learning skills.

Most importantly, we hope that our carefully chosen activities will ensure success and motivation at each stage with games that children will love and want to play again and again.

This software pack contains all 3 Eye Gaze Software packages bundled together - making a great saving!

1. Attention and Looking

  • Guidebook

    Download a free comprehensive Attention and Looking Guidebook giving an overview of the software, a Roadmap of skills addressed plus detailed guidance for each activity.

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2. Exploring and Playing

3. Choosing and Learning


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