HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities

HelpKidzLearn Games
HelpKidzLearn Games

80+ Games & Activities that can be accessed using mouse and keyboard, switch(es), touch screen, interactive classroom displays, joy stick, roller ball and eye gaze.

Ideal for children with a wide range of special educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy or early literacy level. It is also suitable for early years users.

HelpKidzLearn is designed to help with the development in the areas of:

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Games & Activities

  • Early concepts
  • Literacy
  • Switch Use
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Problem Solving
  • Cause-and-Effect
  • Switch Timing
  • Telling Time
  • Mouse and Touch Screen Use


HelpKidzLearn Ready-made learning

Ready-made learning

HelpKidzLearn is a fantastic way of assessing an individual's needs. There is a great range of activities on the site from:

  • experiential
  • tracking
  • early cause and effect
  • turn taking and so much more…

In the classroom

In the classroom…

HKL offers a complete solution for the classroom:

  • experiential level to encourage pupils to look and listen and giving them time to respond to the activity
  • cause and effect activities that allow individuals to have some control and make things happen themselves
  • error-less activities ideal for building confidence and encouraging individuals to have a try. They also provide the perfect opportunity to talk and develop language
  • timing skills, wait for something to appear on screen before pressing a mouse and/or switch or touching the screen to get a reward
  • develop mouse skills and use of a touch screen

Use HKL online

Use HKL online

With HelpKidzLearn, use your activities securely anywhere online via Windows or Macintosh OS X.

Alternatively download a range of activities to your iPad or Android tablets using the HKL Apps and then play OFFLINE!

Please note: Apps are sold separately

HKL access options

HKL access options

Each activity in HelpKidzLearn can be accessed using a variety or access methods:

  • Mouse and keyboard
  • iPad and Android tablets
  • Touch screens
  • Interactive classroom displays
  • One or two switches
  • Eye gaze.

What’s Included

  • 12 month online subscription
  • Online access to HKL Games & Activities

Works With

  • Windows & Mac OS X

Technical Stuff

  • Flash Player 11 & above
  • 1GB Ram
  • Broadband required

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