InclusiveTLC Preview Center (IPC)

The InclusiveTLC Preview Center (IPC) program provides local and regional AT organizations to serve as an evaluation and preview site for Inclusive Technology software and other selected hardware. This partnership allows professionals and parents the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how our products can be used in a classroom, therapeutic or home setting. Also any organization or person who previews our software and selected hardware at an IPC site can take advantage of special pricing offer.


  • Software and Hardware preview/evaluation
  • Increased awareness of products
  • Sharing successful implementation strategies
  • Discount purchases

InclusiveTLC provides:

  • A free loaner copy of each existing Inclusive Technology software title
  • Free loaner copies of all new software titles as they are released
  • Other hardware demo equipment at a substantial discount
  • Technical support
  • Co-link websites… Web link to your organizations website from our Inclusive TLC website
  • Significant product discounts for your organization plus for parents/professionals who preview via your organization. We will provide you with a unique purchase code for them to receive this discount.

Expectations of IPC:

  • Appoint a person who is designated as a main contact for your organization
  • Provide free opportunities for individuals to preview/evaluate InclusiveTLC products
  • Provide staff who can assist with any preview questions
  • Allow InclusiveTLC to recommend and publish (catalog) your organization as an IPC
  • Co-link websites… Web link from your organizations website to the Inclusive TLC website
  • Contribute 2 articles a year to our I-News electronic newsletter
  • Duration: One year with renewal option