Pretorian Technologies

Pretorian Technologies Ltd

Based on over thirty years’ experience in the design of trackballs and computer input devices, Pretorian Technologies Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 registered and combines manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art design techniques to create truly world-class products.

WE at InclusiveTLC have partnered with Pretorian Technologies in the UK to be their exclusive whole range distributor in the US.

Pretorian’s excellent range of wired devices:- from the rugged and feature loaded n-ABLER Joystick and Rollerball, through to the compact Optima Joystick and Rollerball, to the innovative Orbitrack input device have all proved highly successful for a wide range of students.

Together, Pretorian and Inclusive have been working to improve computer access for our special student population and have recently developed the "SimplyWorks Range" of wireless input devices.

Whether your students are working individually or in group settings (interactive whiteboard) the SimplyWorks range provides a variety of solutions to meeting their needs in our increasingly high tech educational world.

SimplyWorks ®

  • An evolution in wireless technology, SimplyWorks is a family of wireless, USB, Assistive Technology products which can be used individually, or in combination, to create new, inclusive, learning experiences for teams or small groups.
  • Up to six devices (in any combination) can be used simultaneously on computer application, and up to six switches can be used simultaneously for controlling battery operated toys, allowing up to six users to co-operate and collaborate.
  • PC and MAC compatible, the SimplyWorks range includes a variety of computer input devices, toy controllers, switches and switch interfaces which can be used individually or in any combination.
  • Every product carrying the SimplyWorks logo works with every other product.
  • Simply Works is a trademark of, and identifies products using wireless technology developed by Pretorian Technologies Ltd.