Research Partnership (IRP)

The InclusiveTLC Research Partnership (IRP) intent is to foster independent research that will serve professionals in our industry. This research will enrich the learning experience of the individuals who use our technology. InclusiveTLC will supply an organization with our software on a loan basis free of charge for the purpose of client evaluation, student training, and research development. We would also provide technical knowledge of our products. On-going dialog between each party would facilitate increased knowledge base and product development.


  • Student training
  • Client evaluation
  • Research platform
  • Discount purchases for professionals and parents

InclusiveTLC provides:

  • Inclusive Technology software
  • On-going newly released software titles
  • Other hardware equipment at a substantial discount
  • Web link to your organizations site
  • Disseminate research findings
  • Product discounts for parents/professionals who are associated with your organization
  • Significant product discounts for your organization plus for parents/professionals who preview via your organization. We will provide you with a unique purchase code for them to receive this discount.


  • Project development - open ended where we would work together on selected topics. Within the first few months we will develop a list of projects along with scope and sequence. We would ask that a minimum of two such projects be completed during the year.
  • Disseminate in printed format our association with your organization and other projects or events that will take place. We understand that prior approval from your organization will be a prerequisite. Example: website, and electronic newsletter.
  • Write 1 article in our I-News electronic newsletter.
  • Provide written documentation (example: a log record) of all events that take place within the scope of this partnership.
  • Duration: One year with renewal option

Hardware Equipment Note:

The hardware prices on the attached list are the discounted prices for your organization - for the purchase of any products above and beyond those required for specific research projects. For research projects, we will loan your organization, free of charge, any hardware products that are required for the study. The particular products will be agreed upon before the start of each research project.